Kloris 250mg Inhale CBD Vape Pod – 200 Puffs


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Unlock the power of full-spectrum CBD with the KLORIS Inhale Pod refill. Each pod delivers 66% cannabinoids, equivalent to 3g of CBD flower with over 250mg, ensuring an efficient, fast-acting inhalable dose. Enjoy up to 200 inhales of unadulterated, natural bliss without any fillers or additives, only the purest ingredients. Crafted with precision, the pod is composed of glass and ceramic, boasting a ceramic heating coil and the absence of heavy metals. Attach it to your Inhale device, take a deep breath, and unleash a reliable, enjoyable experience with the Inhale Pod! Derived from Cannabis Sativa L, this full-spectrum product is a must-have!

  • 1x Pod Per Package
  • 200 Puffs Per Pod 
  • full spectrum CBD 
  • Sativa Based 
  • 66% cannabinoids
  • 250mg CBD per pod 
  • 3g CBD Flower 
  • No fillers, no additives, nothing artificial

THC = <0.2%

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