The Finest Balm CBD 300mg Beard Oil 30ml


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A 30ml bottle with 300mg of CBD, natural ingredients and the added bonus of an Oud Wood Scent. This will help promote growth in your beard and soothe the skin underneath. A brilliant formulation that helps with skin irritation and acne. Whether you’re looking to soothe irritation, promote soft hair growth, moisturise follicles, soften the skin beneath, or just smell really good, our CBD Beard Oil has got you covered. Made in the UK! This product has gone through a full CPSR, Microbiological tests, Stability tests and CBD quantification.

  • Oud Wood Fragrance
  • THC Free
  • Fully Lab Tested
  • Made In The UK

How to use: Extract a pipette worth and gently apply to the skin, rub in if necessary, 


THC level<0.2%

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